Phibsborough Shopping Centre

The original 1960’s Phibsborough Shopping Centre site extends to include the adjacent former tram yard site and the dilapidated east terrace of Dalymount Park.  The original brief sought to refurbish and upgrade the existing Centre with the addition of new high-quality retail, restaurant/ café and office space to support the revitalisation of the existing centre; the creation of a new public space and to provide residential accommodation in the form of student housing.  


At the heart of the urban design proposal is the creation of the civic plaza space which is located at the intersection of the proposed 2 new pedestrian routes leading into the site from North Circular Road and Phibsborough Road.  These routes are flanked by new retail and café/restaurant frontages at street level with the new plaza configured to form the future new entrance to Dalymount Park.   A new pedestrian concourse, located between the proposed development and the new stadium provides a safe dedicated cycle route.


The permitted student accommodation comprises 341 units in two no. 4-6 storey cranked linear blocks which are orientated on an east-west axis to follow the alignment of the existing 6 storey office tower.  The new blocks stretch to over 70 metres in length from Dalymount Park to Phibsborough Road.  Shared kitchen / living spaces articulate the gable ends with a variety of 2 storey projecting and recessed windows puncturing the facades.  Below these blocks, within the 2 storey ‘plinth’ are the main retail spaces as well as the communal residential amenity spaces which are arranged over 3 different levels. 


A revised Planning Application was submitted in December 2020 seeking to alter elements of the scheme, including a change of use of the residential from student to shared living accommodation, however the alterations do not significantly change the permitted urban design proposal of the massing and articulation of the permitted scheme.