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The Jervis Centre is one of the key anchors of the City’s Retail Core and the brief sought to strengthen the Centre’s role as a primary retail destination within the city centre.  The Jervis Centre occupies a substantial part of a city block and has a ground area of approximately 11400 m².  It is predominately an internalized building that extends to a dimension of 126 metres behind its principal entrance façade on Mary Street and yet, the scale and quality of the internal volume does not register in the external architectural expression.

The objective was to create:

  1. an additional floor of retail accommodation above the existing anchor unit and

  2. a new architectural treatment to the entrance on Mary St.


In response to this the proposed new works comprises two elements:


  • a striated glass-clad upper volume extension at roof level and

  • a projecting clear Glass Cube above the new entrance


The new upper volumes have a glass structure as a second layer. The glass is floor to ceiling in height, varying widths – between 400 and 75mm with varying transparencies – a mix of clear, contrasting etched and opal glass strips, as well as being offset from one another.  The overall effect read against the inner skin of the envelope creates a depth to the visual quality of the elevation as well as texture or grain like a form of glass curtain.




Status            : Planning Granted 2008

Client             : Jervis Centre Shopping Management 

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