Howth Road Residential

This site located at the junction of Howth Road and Killbarrack Road. The works consisted of the construction of 4 no. five bedroom three storey detached houses (one has an area of 250 sq.m, the remaining three have an area of 220 sq.m.) and all ancillary siteworks. Off road car parking is accommodated in the front area of each house and is accessed in one case from Howth Road and otherwise from Kilbarrack Road. 

Townhouse Development (7 units)


Church Street/Howth Terrace,

Howth, Co. Dublin


The primary challenge of this project was to complete the missing pieces of streetscape in this corner of Howth Village.

The approach was to use the existing (traditional) street architecture of Church Street and extend it across and stepping down the Church Street frontage of our site and continue it around the corner to connect with the brick frontages of the existing 19th century Howth Terrace houses adjoining our site. The development comprises of seven 2 storey terraced houses, two of which were existing structures conserved.

Given the elevated location of the site, all the dwellings have views from their front windows over the village and harbour while having south facing balconies at the rear.

Behind the perimeter dwellings there is an open courtyard area accommodating some private amenity spaces as well as parking for residents.