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Located in the heart of Dublin City Centre, Hill Street remains the poorer cousin of its neighbours, the fine Georgian streetscapes of North Great George’s Street immediately to the west and Mount Joy Square to the East. Despite having the same generous street and pavement widths as North Great George’s St., Hill St. has suffered from piecemeal development over the years with the current site occupied by derelict factory buildings along a 40m. street frontage. 

The brief sought high quality shared living residential accommodation for city centre living and the initial urban design strategy set out four key objectives:  (i) consolidate the residential accommodation in a new infill block to form a new high quality street edge that could act as a potential catalyst for the future regeneration of Hill St.;  (ii) create a new semi private external courtyard around which various communal amenity spaces are arranged; (iii) open up the street frontage on Hill Street to create a new vibrant and active street front and improve the visual connectivity between outside and inside; (iv) step back from the rear of the site to respect the rear facades of the protected structures on North Great George’s St.

The proposed scheme is arranged in a U-shape around a central courtyard garden with a 6-7 storey façade on Hill Street and the return wings stepping down to 1-2 storey at the rear boundary. A variety of internal and external communal amenity spaces, including gym, café, co-working spaces, courtyard garden and rooftop terrace area garden support the 150 bedroom units along with a variety of shared kitchen/dining/living spaces which are evenly distributed across all levels.




Status            : Planning granted 2020

Client             : Hill Street Limited Partnership

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