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Located on the site of the former Classic Cinema in Harolds Cross, the proposed scheme comprises three 5 storey blocks with 91 apartments, landscaped gardens between and a large underground basement car park which follows the line of the residential blocks above.

With a site area of 1.25 acres and a street frontage extending over 40m on to Harolds Cross Road, this highly prominent site extends 125m. in depth from the main road along it’s east-west axis.  The main street frontage is bounded by an elegant Edwardian terrace of red brick houses immediately to the north and a range of 3-5 storey mix-use buildings to the southern end.

The urban design approach sought to recognise the site’s prominent location by creating a strong corner or ‘marker’ at the end of the ‘street’ of Harolds Cross, while respecting the existing terrace by stepping the gable of the new street edge away from the terrace.  By creating this space,  a new pedestrian spine is formed to link the three new blocks and their communal gardens with a generous tree lined paved route measuring over 5m wide and running the full depth of the site along the new entrance axis from Harolds Cross Road. 

The residential blocks are orientated in a north-south direction.  This ensures that the sunlight penetrates the full width of the site, thereby ensuring almost all of the units are east-west orientated and any overlooking issues to the rear of neighbouring properties are eliminated as the site extends westwards. 

The light coloured brick recognises the variety of brick types that characterise Harolds Cross and the large intermediate panels between the windows recall the scale and pattern of the traditional window openings in these buildings.




Status            : Architectural Service (Planning Stage Only)

Client             : Private

*photos by Ben Ryan & Alfonso Santoni

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