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The project brief comprises four separate buildings; a leisure facility, including a 25m swimming pool, gym and six all weather pitches; City Council Area Offices; Youth Resource Centre and a Childcare Centre.

From a site planning perspective the buildings are deployed to both create a frontage of civic dimension while responding to the park setting behind.  Three of the facilities share the 200m long 2.7m high rubble stonewall frontage forming an edge to the plaza space.  Above the wall a variety of forms accommodate the upper level volumes of the individual buildings.  A right of way connects the Plaza to the Park beyond.

The Leisure Centre building, which is located within the new park area, takes the form of two linear blocks.  Between these two blocks a narrow slot of rooflight runs the length of the building, following the progression of the building users into the building and separating the two forms with a shaft of light.  The Swimming Pool building seeks to be as open and as legible as possible.  All the principle spaces are kept open plan and open to each other.

In terms of energy conservation, the scheme set out consciously to produce a ‘lower energy pool building’ by maximizing daylight usage, increasing thermal insulation, and employing a wide range of servicing efficiencies including sensor controlled settings on all ventilation and water usage in the building. It is the subject of a Sustainable Energy Ireland Case Study for energy efficiency.




Status            : Completed 

End Year        : 2004

Client             : Dublin City Council

Awards           : RIAI awards 2004 – commendation; AAI awards 2004 – special mention

*photos by Paul Tierney

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