23 - 27 College Green

23 – 27 College Green is one of the most impressive 19th century bank buildings that completes the south side of the College Green plaza.  Dating from  c.1868, the former HQ of the National Irish Bank, with its impressive street frontages to  Church Lane, St. Andrew’s Street and College Green, is a protected structure which was retained as a bank headquarters for over 145 years.  

The ambitious brief sought to convert the bottom two thirds of the building for retail use and the top third for residential use.   The primary challenge was to carry out the alterations necessary for the new uses and meet current building standards whilst (i) minimizing the impact on the historical fabric of the building and (ii) improving, where possible, the quality of the internal spaces and the historical legibility of the building.

At retail level, the premier spaces, including the Banking Hall and the Managerial Rooms, retain their spatial quality as well as their original features to enhance the unique shopping experience in the historic building and the non-original interventions are removed to allow the lift/stair core and the escalators to be installed.  At the upper levels, residential apartment spaces are carved out of the original roof volumes where they can open out onto a common rooftop terrace area.