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Harolds Cross

Including the building positioned on the street front of Harold’s Cross Road, the proposed scheme comprises three blocks.

The blocks are no. 4 to 5 storeys and lettered ‘A’, ‘B’ and C - ‘A’ being at the street front and ‘C’ being the inner most.

The footprint of the blocks is near rectangular, measuring between 30 to 40 metres in length and 20 metres in width. They are orientated parallel to Harold’s Cross Road.

The development includes a total if 91 apartment units.


Given its location on the street front, its width of approx. 22m and the row of single storey housing immediately to the north, this property has a number of similar parameters to our own. That is – there will always have to be a street front block – most likely with windows in its rear façade. And its East-West orientation suggests development in north-south bands to enable sunlight, between bands of building, to penetrate the full width of the site. It suggests that a similar banding to our plan arrangement would be the most advantageous option in a redevelopment scenario.


It is proposed that the brickwork in both elevation types will be a very light-coloured brick with a lighter coloured mortar joint.

By contrast, the solid panels incorporated in the window openings of type A are envisaged as a darker, bronze colour.

In Type B elevation it is proposed that the panels are also in a bronze colour

A light grey colour is proposed for the window framing in both façade types.


On all three blocks the set-back top floor elevations are seen as a roofing/capping to the building and are clad in recessed seam metal sheeting.