Fire Brigade Training Centre,  Dublin 3.

Type: Frame Work Plan - Phase 1
Status: Planning 2011
Client: Dublin Fire Brigade

Following 30 years of piecemeal extension and alteration at its Training Centre at the O'Brien Institute Dublin Fire Brigade commissioned DonnellyTurpin to develop a coherent Framework Plan for the site. The objectives of the Plan included lead to a training centre of the highest quality but also create a campus that reflect the developments in fire fighting technology and its educational process.

The Plan envisages a consolidated efficient training campus that is mindful of the mature landscaped grounds that characterize the general vicinity. To achieve this long term vision the Plan indentifies the range of intervention required over a series of phases including building removal, conversion, restoration as well as new building and landscaping. 

Phase 1 involves the removal of several redundant and unsightly structures and the rear of the building and the construction of new dining and changing facilities. For the first time in its lifespan as a training centre the building form of this proposal creates a face that addresses the training grounds.

  • Phase 1 - reconfiguration at building's north side.

    Phase 1 - reconfiguration at building's north side.