Markets Area Framework Plan

Type: Urban Masterplan(with MBM Architects)
Status: Planning 2006
Client: Dublin City Council

The concept was the creation of a ‘Market Square’ for Dublin. A space roughly the size of Mountjoy Square which contained as its centrepiece The existing Fruit and Vegetable Market Building. This is achieved by the removal of the Fish Market Building and a number of smaller buildings on East Arran Street.

The Market Building could accommodate a retail market as well as a reduced wholesale market to serve the city’s hotels and restaurants. A new Fish Market Building will create the southern frontage and gateway to the new Markets. Car parking and servicing would be located at basement level under the Square allowing the market to function without impinging on the pedestrian amenity of this new City Square.

The plan envisages that the sides of the new Square will be formed by a six storey building template with a consistent façade treatment.

  • View of Proposed Square

    View of Proposed Square

  • View of Proposed Square

    View of Proposed Square

  • Facade Strategy

    Facade Strategy

  • Plan