Leinster House 2000

Type: Government Building
Status: Completed 2001
Client: OPW

The brief was to provide facilities for the members of the Houses of the Oireachtas. The accommodation includes office suites for 100 TDs and their staff as well as four Dail Committee Rooms, each accommodating up to 70 people. The new building is located adjacent to Leinster House, the 18th century building at the heart of the precinct of historical buildings that houses the Dail  complex.

The planning strategy evolved as an extension of the existing circulation axis within Leinster House along the western boundary of the site in the form a glazed atrium space. This space is the connection to the new Committee Room complex situated below ground level and centred around a large roof-lit foyer space.

Awards: RIAI Award 2001; AAI Award 2001; Europa Nostra Award 2001.

  • Leinster House aerial view

    Leinster House aerial view

  • Atrium


  • Atrium


  • Internal Courtyard

    Internal Courtyard

  • Section Model

    Section Model

  • Sections


  • View from entrance courtyard

    View from entrance courtyard

  • Level 1 Plan

    Level 1 Plan