Jervis Centre

Type: Commercial Retail and Office
Status: Planning
Client: Jervis Shopping Centre Management Ltd.

Project Objectives

  • The creation of an additional floor of retail accommodation above the existing anchor
  • To create a new architectural treatment to the entrance on Mary Street

The proposed extension comprises two elements: The striated glass-clad upper volume extension and clear glass cube

New Entrance on Mary Street – The ‘Cube’
The creation of a new entrance on Mary Street involves the removal of the existing archway and dome, constructed in 1996, and their replacement with a new clear-laminated glass sculptural entrance cube that will project 2.4 metres beyond the street face of the building. The cube is the central element in a greater composition of differently glazed surfaces that will characterize this proposal.

  • East View (Henry Street)

    East View (Henry Street)

  • West View (Henry Street)

    West View (Henry Street)

  • West View at night (Henry Street)

    West View at night (Henry Street)

  • Elevations


  • Site Plan

    Site Plan