Finglas Childcare Centre

Type: Childcare facility
Status: Planning
Client: Finglas Childcare Centre

The site is a long narrow green space alongside the N2 dual carraigeway at the entrance to Finglas Village. It occurred to us that the building form could be more successful as something contained within a space rather than replacing the space. In contrast to the buildings on the streets and roads in the vicinity, this proposal therefore takes the form of an oval ‘pavilion’ set within the site – a form more appropriate for its park setting and a more appropriate expression of the collective and protective nature of the building’s function.

The rooms enjoy the visual connection to the courtyard garden across the inside circulation gallery. The logic in the arrangement is that the active occupied rooms are located where they can open to the quiet side of the site while being extensively glazed to the south to create optimal natural lighting conditions.  To minimize heating and lighting costs in the late afternoon/evening time, the meeting/training room, after-school reception and lobby are concentrated together near the entrance at the north end of the building.

  • aerial View

    aerial View

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  • Centre Facade Section

    Centre Facade Section

  • Location Plan

    Location Plan

  • model view

    model view